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We are happy to offer the best advice and animal feed. Because of our wide assortment with the right knowledge, we can provide a customized offer and advice. We can provide further information and advice for the following groups

Our team has an entrepreneurial mentality and look for improvements to products and developments in these markets every day. This gives you a higher return in your company. Every company has its own climate, environmental factors and operations. By combining these aspects in the right way, we can deliver the advice that meets your wishes.

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Nevedi: nitrogen measure raises many questions

The Dutch Association of Feeding Industry (Nevedi) believes that the government's nitrogen measure raises many questions. In itself, Nevedi says it is positive that the government is opting for the current approach, which is based on the total ration. The branch organization for the animal feed industry does think that the use of additives cannot of course be seen as the solution.

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Efficient cows are always light and fine

Feed conversion is an important key figure in breeding pigs and chickens. Dairy farming will also make that move. Because with cows that produce a lot of milk from little feed, the farmer can save thousands of euros in feed costs per year. Breeding organization CRV is investing 2 million euro in a project on feed efficiency in cattle. any type

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