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We at Holland Trade & Connect have many international partnerships and relationships in the food industry. Thanks to a wide range we can serve you as a customer well in the supply and demand of food. We have several sub-sectors that we have broken down as follows.

We place European regulations on hygiene at number 1. The origin of many of the aforementioned sub-sectors (Herbs, Spices and Vegetables & Fruit) often come from a non-European country. That is why it is important to test the products well before they are used in the production process or sold to the consumer. This is a process that we all arrange before it reaches you as a customer.

The products are tested for all microbiological contamination and nutritional value. Foods are the foundation of a good diet.

If you have any questions regarding transport, price and guidance (appropriate advice) for one of these products you have come to the right place. If you have any questions please contact one of our specialists.

The Netherlands on track in the fight against food waste

The Dutch have started to waste less food at home. In 2019, the Dutch wasted 34.3 kilos of food per person; almost 7 kilos less than in 2016. There was also less drinking washed away via the sink and the toilet. The Netherlands is therefore on course to achieve the goal: a halving of food waste by 2030.

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Efficient cows are always light and fine

Het onderzoek is uitgevoerd door de internationale onderzoeksgroep NutriRECS. De onderzoekers hebben onder andere gekeken naar het verband tussen rood vlees en bewerkt vlees eten en het risico op hart- en vaatziekten, kanker en diabetes. Hiervoor hebben zij de gegevens van tientallen studies op een rij gezet. De conclusie is dat het voor mensen die nu gemiddeld 3 tot 4 keer per week rood en bewerkt vlees eten niet nodig is om minder vlees te eten.

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